Our Vision


We believe the future is peaceful, healthy and abundant.

When we transform thinking, we achieve outcomes previously believed to be impossible. As we engage and learn, we transform.  We partner across age, background, culture and nation to address root causes.  Building on the strengths of partners, communities and change-makers, we will retire poverty from global threat to museum exhibit within a peaceful, healthy and abundant society. 

Working together beyond tradition

“We understand that the most pressing issues of our times, from climate change to mass migration, from global health to the digital revolution, cannot be fully addressed through a single disciplinary or cultural perspective. We must bring together insights from the natural and social sciences, the arts, engineering and the humanities to produce explanations, create products, ask new questions, and find solutions to these contemporary issues.”  (From Harvard University’s Project Zero)


  • Make our most successful, long-term impact through educating young people to critically think, “nurturing their human potential and promoting societal growth and well-being.” (From Harvard University’s Project Zero)
  • Shifting the conversation to focus on outcomes previously not thought possible, and getting good at telling the story of a healthy, abundant and peaceful future
  • Building networks of exponential thought leadership
  • Being forward thinking and incorporating radical changes in tech & innovation
  • Developing a reputation for transformational culture that stays true to integrity, inclusion and learning in activities large and small