Pillar of Health

Kigali, Rwanda

By covering health insurance and annual expenses, this allows the child to attend his/her monthly checkup, and families to get more involved in their child’s care, and increase their communication with the medical providers, therefore contributing to a better diabetes management. We aim to help these families sustain the health insurance in the years to come with local solutions, such as agriculture business and animal husbandry.

Save Bear Mountain

Sedona, AZ

Save Bear Mountain is a coalition of residents and organizations in the Verde Valley area who oppose the AutoCamp development. We are fighting to preserve Bear Mountain, Secret Mountain Wilderness and the Coconino National Forest.

Past Projects

Sedona Village Learning Center Preschool

Sedona, AZ

Toki Taiki Reforestation Project

Arenal, Costa Rica

Connecting the biological corridor by replanting native tree species in former pasture land. This preserves the natural habitats of the flora and fauna (monkeys and other wild animals), allowing them to flourish and thrive.